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Monday, July 11, 2005

first post! first post!

o, i am so excited.

because not only did i get my first comment today (thanks, john, for always reading and having something to say...) but i am also going to be posting (and publishing, i guess) one of my first poems.

but, first, a brief introduction. i have decided this summer to keep a poetic journal of my adventures and endeavors and travels around the small world that is lexington, ky, my birthplace as well as second home and summer habitation. insodoing, i find that i have written a great deal in a very short time. so, i will attempt to eventually post all of these, good or bad (horrifically noxious ones will, of course, be omitted for the common good. ;) ). so, i will henceforth be posting poems from this summer, about one each day (i gotta save some of the good stuff for the school year, when i expect my prolific rate will lessen if not diminish entirely).

so, i now offer, as my first poem, something from my family vacation series. o, the anxiety that now begins to attack my person...

love and peace in the middle east,
ogbuefi stephi

i am floating on a cloud
an icy patch of torrential alaskan riverwild
the waters crisp, clear, crystalline
sparkling in stars in corners of eyes
a satisfying quiet
if i were deaf
i'm not scared or grasping worried now
because i am absorbed and absorbing
the shin(ing) of the sun
the glinting off the stones
the only noise you hear
floating weightless
on alaskan riverwilds


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