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Thursday, July 21, 2005

give the media a (much-needed) kick in the ass! here's how...

for those of you who might have read my recent post about the newly nominated john roberts, may know that i wasn't quite sure what to think about the news. well, here's an update: i am absolutely stunned, frustrated, disappointed, angry, and afraid.

i am stunned that bush would pull such a stunt. that he would consider rushing his nomination, and make what everyone, both right and left, know to be a fairly controversial choice, in order to draw attention away from his buddy karl's current trouble.
i am frustrated with these political games and powerplays. that roberts is considered a "legacy nomination" really strengthens my view that bush and his administration are striving to mould america into something it isn't, and doesn't want to be. the future is being messed with, and the people of america deserve a say in the outcome. everything that is happening now will affect us, in one way or another, and it really pisses me off that the new nomination is basically another attempt to continue the bush regime further into the future.
i am disappointed that bush decided against nominating a woman to o'connor's spot (even against the first lady's advice and hopes). o'connor was usually the swing vote, voting in favor of women's reproductive rights and being one of the more liberal, reasonable justices. and now roberts? definitely a step down.
additionally, bush decided against making a historical and progressive move by nominating the first hispanic justice, but hey, you can't expect the guy to deviate too much from his already solidly disappointing style and record.
i am angry at bush for letting the american public down. roberts is hardly qualified to become a justice. he has served only two years as a judge, but has served more significantly as a fervent right-wing supporter and bush cronie. he has repeatedly demonstrated a tendency to let his personal views (religious, political and otherwise) to color and indeed, taint, his public decisions. from wanting to overturn roe v. wade, to threatening privacy rights, to supporting the ten commandments and prayer in school, this guy seems to be against everything america stands for.
and, i'm afraid that with the little bit the media is doing to make all this evident to the public, and with the media falling for bush's trap and turning its attention away from pressings issues (such as coverage of karl rove's wrongdoings), that roberts might eventually get through to the court, that rove will get away scott-free, and the public will have no idea how they've been wronged.

well, with all these emotions comes certainty in action and resolve. i ask you, those who actually read this and care to help kick the media's ass, to send a message to your local newspapers, expressing your concern for the current state of things. your focus and determination is just what the media needs.
hopefully, we can actually make a difference!

i've done it already, please do your part as well. write your local newspapers and express your concerns.
and join the fight against roberts' nomination here.

thanks for fighting the good fight!
~stephanie lee


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