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Thursday, July 28, 2005

silly, silly poem. please don't read.

so, i apologize in advance for my post today, but i just got back from the doctor and have a bit of a headache, so i'm not feeling really creative or thoughtful. i don't know, maybe it was the fact i found out i have all sorts of things wrong with me (like stress fractures in my shins, so i can't run or play tennis for like a month or so. which sucks, because i love to run around and jump up and down... and basically have a really good time. i mean, the way i figure it, my body's going to experience some wear and tear no matter what happens. i might as well be out there enjoying life, even if it means i incur some injuries in the process. i mean, living = dying and dying = living, right? i would hate to sit around the house moping about all the stuff i could be doing, just getting old and too arthritic and sad to go out and do anything any more.)
i'm rambling and being really silly, so i'll stop now. and leave you with a totally random poem i wrote once when i was taking a shower. i was at home by myself and kept hearing weird sounds in the hall, and getting a little scared... and wondering what would happen if i were killed at home and my parents came home later and found me. it might have actually turned out as a decent poem, had i perfected the art of writing in the drip-drop-y shower, in the liquid water rays of shower-time inspiration.
so, enjoy. i'm gonna go ride my bike or something...

pleading, praying
to the domestic appliance deities
as rainwater spewing from
mouths eyes ears hands heads knobs
cleanses and absolves my wrongs and writes
movie scenes flick-flicker-ing
splish-splash-er-ing in my mind,
flooding my bouyant un-dense
instead of this drowning feeling.
until there's nothing left.
shriveled, prune-y,
sunken, swollen, lathered, rinsed, repeated
follicles, cells, roots, nails, eyes, hairs, pores.


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