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Friday, August 05, 2005

i've been tagged!

so, the zenfo pro has passed the movie tag to me. and now, to reminisce... ah... (cue wavy flashback special effect):

childhood (80's):
  • the usual disney fare, before disney started to suck (sleeping beauty, beauty and the beast, aladdin, lion king)
  • newsies, mary poppins (i love musicals! something about them just makes me so darn happy and carefree. when i was little, i would learn all the dance numbers and do them around my house. i wanted to be a broadway dancer. still do.)
  • gremlins (oh man, this movie scared the bajeezus out of me! realize now it was a comedy, but still, scary shit when you're little!)
  • the beastmaster (oh. my. GOSH. i have memories of watching this movie practically every weekend with my dad, who probably thought it was the funniest thing ever. really. man, this movie rocked. still does. i remember the special effects being really cheesy, and i bet they're hilarious now. my first grade boyfriend was obsessed with this movie. i mean, he actually got so into it, he thought he was the beastmaster. his name was hunter greene (how perfect is that, right?) and he thought he could actually talk to the animals. i have very distinct memories of him sitting on the swings during recess and making birdcalls and running on all fours like a horse, all because of this movie. this movie changes your life, really it does. man in loin cloth with ferret, hawk, dog and tiger does battle with evil witches and sorcerers. i mean, who thinks up this stuff?)
  • who framed roger rabbit? (this movie probably messed me up as a kid. all those cartoon flicks that look like kids' movies but are really intended for older audiences because of their underlying adult themes and ideas did a number on me as an impressionable kid. but i blame this one in particular. because it's good.)
later childhood / adolescence (90's):
  • willow (holy shit. i saw this movie after i got drunk (or food poisoning?) at some weird cheese party. i swear, this is like the perfect movie to watch when you're tripped out and your mental faculties are severely altered. it's got everything: little people, gremlins... and val kilmer. (told you it was effed up!) ...and i just realized when i went to the website that ron effing howard directed it. wow...)
  • hmm... there's gotta be more. willow cannot be the only movie that made an impression on me as a 90's child. i'll think on this and come back to it...

late adolescence / adulthood (now-ish):
  • eXistenZ (saw this in an existentialism class in high school. great film, seems like a predecessor to the matrix. and of course the wakowski bro's borrowed their ideas from, well, just about everybody, so...)
  • memento (love this movie! i thought the concept and execution was just so clever and so very film noir and gritty. i just loved the look and feel of it. no indie movie since has been quite as fascinating to me.)
  • pi (math makes people crraaazy! whoa.)
  • waking life (the film-makers shot the whole thing on digital video, then dispersed pieces of it to various artists, who painted over the film to match their individual visions of the scene. great concept. a little esoteric and pedantic though. it's a shame this project got bogged down with its own creative/intellectual weight, as the vision and intelligence behind it are extraordinary.)
  • yi-yi (one of my favorite movies ever. it's just so beautiful and sweet. it watches like a haiku or a book of poetry. it's tragic and glorious and joyful and triumphant and hopeful all at once. a definite recommendation!)
  • amores perros (love this one, too. it's an interesting analysis of love and relationships that people share with each other, as seen through the analogous relationship of people to their dogs. in fact, i believe the title means "love's a bitch.")

present (recent faves):
  • i heart huckabee's (mark wahlberg's best on-screen performance in recent memory. marky mark, if you're reading this, stop. now. walk out on a high note.)
  • finding neverland (beautiful conception and delivery. it's really one of the more endearing american movies i've seen.)
  • charade (this is my favorite movie. the dialogue is witty, without seeming like the writers were trying too hard. smart writing and directing, and brilliant performances from audrey hepburn and cary grant. this was recently remade into a film called the truth about charlie, starring thandie newton and mark wahlberg. didn't see that one, but the idea of remaking such a seamless, perfect classic, well, that was reason enough not to go see it. sorry, mark.)
  • chinatown (another film that may have earned its place here because of great writing and dialogue. what can i say, great dialogue just wins me. there's not enough of it these days.)
  • lord of the rings (oh. so good.)
  • closer (love=hate=love=lust. great dialogue and music. so stylish and cool.)
  • house of a thousand daggers (beautiful.)


  • At 7:50 AM, August 08, 2005, Blogger Kristi Joy said…

    i haven't seen i heart huckabees yet, i really need to...

  • At 10:00 AM, August 08, 2005, Blogger Ogbuefi Stephi said…

    o, it's great. you should definitely rent it some time.
    anyone who liked eternal sunshine should check it out. in my opinion, huckabee's is even better.
    plus, the cast is amazing, though jason schwartzman's acting can be somewhat transparent at times. ah well.


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