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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

ode to a summer sunday sunset

here's a reposting of one of my past posts, which was inexplicably lost after spending one day in the blogosphere. :( ah well.
due to the fact that i sometimes rewrite, edit, rethink poems when i am posting them, without making record of changes on my actual hand-written copies, this is actually different than the original. so, we'll never know how the original one went.
frustrated and confused,
stephanie "ogbuefi" lee

ode to a summer sunday sunset
glistening scoop of tropical orange sherbet
swirled in blue/gray icy meringue
a fiery resemblance of snow globe
a miniature city-scape in gleaming inverse reflection
amidst the steel and brick and glass and mortar and
the city's exhaling breath
in which we sit and melt
in the pool of disappearing
raspberry orange breeze.


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