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Saturday, August 27, 2005

pick your favorite

hello, loyal readers and new visitors!

i just need a little bit of your help and time tonight.

you see, the open forum, a student-generated literary publication on western campus is asking for submissions this week. and, being the "writer" that i am, i want to be seen and heard, but don't know what i should submit. i figure some of my best stuff has made an appearance on the blog at some point (though some pretty sweet poems are still in the process of being posted...) so... well, that's where you come in!

i want you fine people to submit your choices for my submission from the following choices:
  1. urban rhinoceros
  2. friday poem
  3. variations on a theme by brautigan
  4. humanity as seen...
...and any others you may think appropriate!

thanks in advance for your help.
and i apologize for my lack of provoking posting lately. i have been insanely bbusy! but i promise a change once i become re-acclaimated to school.



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