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Monday, September 12, 2005

the arcade fire are splitting up?!

please say it isn't so!

i got wind of this from said the gramophone, which has always been a good source for "scenester musings," indie music news and new indie music.

the idea of my favorite band breaking up is just so... surprising. i definitely could not think of any good reason for them to do so. they are nothing short of magic together. they meld so remarkably well, and produce some of the most wonderfully charming music out there.

rock and roll was made for the kids, and the arcade fire definitely gets that right in there music. their energy, their sweet cooing and screaming... you can imagine them swinging alongside you from power lines when the power's out.

and isn't that all we want and need and look for in our music? a companion, a soundtrack for our childhood rebellion?


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