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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

a million ways to be... cool. ok. GO!

we're gonna take a little break from the usual poetic musings that proliferate my postings, and focus instead on some scintillating points of general interest and amusement:

ok. well, first, THE AVOCADO COUCH will begin its terrorism of the airwaves this saturday, the 24th. that's right, and no amount of bald men, locks, misfortune or otherwise will prevent you from hearing brittany and me and our music on the airwaves, on your local cable channel, over the digital divide, so on and henceforth ad infinitum.

furthermore, i've been updating the avocado couch website periodically, albeit un-regularly, and have posted some short, though certainly not inferior, amusing blurbs. check it out, won't you? make me feel someone out there will be listening this saturday!

and i've been trying to compile a songlist for the show on saturday. i feel that this should not be a difficult feat, just requires some creative energy and zeal. and requests!!! so, if you think you'll be listening in, and want to hear something special, let me know! seriously. i will even dedicate it to you. or your mother. or your dog. just let me know...

i also stumbled across some terrifically amusing things on the internet today and thought i should share:

first, righteous beards!!! your ultimate guidebook and reference guide for the world beard and moustache championships, coming to you fast and furious in London, 2007!!! (really. you cannot make this stuff up!)

and last, but certainly not least, i've decided i'm going to channel the superb musical stylings of a band called OK Go and emulate their other-worldly moves in this friggin' amazing dance video for the next talent show.

a milion ways to amuse yourself this evening. i hope you indulge.

keep it real,


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