writing to know, knowing thru being, being for writing... this is me, writing about the one thing i know, which is myself... and even that is sometimes a mystery...

Saturday, September 10, 2005

moonlit evening casting shadows on the eve of my goodbye

alone in my consciousness
awake in the house of my childhood
walking past sleeping rooms
to an eery glow
from the open window.

in my old nursery
the moon is bidding me a fond farewell
as i look upon its familiar open face,
it is bathing me in light.

and my eyes gaze wide
upon the lighted night
as the trees sway in gentle breezes,
the clouds gliding thru star-lit sky

and the majestic moonglow
illuminates the room of my past
in this house of my memories and dreams.
~late evening (or early morning), 8/18 (/19)


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