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Sunday, October 16, 2005

untitled thoughts for future posts

apologies to the readership.

while i sort through my notebooks in search of material, i will list the things requiring my immediate attention (i.e. things i should post on, but haven't had the chance to yet, so will quell my nagging guilt momentarily by briefly mentioning them in the following):
  • the etymology of the word "mullet"
  • the avocado couch (local poet and friend, jUStin!katKO will guest dj this coming saturday! good times, they are a-comin')
  • singer/songwriter/artist/good guy Robin Allender (aka the Inconsolable) and the good guys at Dreamboat Records in the UK were kind enough to send me a sampler cd all the way from across the great sea after this post. i've given it a good listen and should be posting a few thoughts and a formal thank you and recommendation soon! (but thanks in advance, Robin and Mike, if you're reading!)
  • various thoughts and musings surfaced during the days that have passed since now and then
so, not to fear. i'm not dead.

just extremely busy.

more later,


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