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Saturday, December 17, 2005

the closest i've ever gotten to flying

i was invited to join a compilation blog, over at the trollpotty reader.

check out my trollpotty inaugural post of a repost of a prior readership favorite.

and an update:
since the first posting of that particular poem, i have written additional fragments and complements, turning the originally 2+ minute piece into a 10 minute choreopoem in 3 parts, which i set to music and performed for my women & theatre final.
the poem is now a chapbook of sorts and i'm working on obtaining video and audio footage for the site. look for it in the future.

and if these words/values/feelings can serve as quantifiers/qualifiers/markers/measures of success, here they are...

what the critics are saying:
"splendid job"
"excellent footwork!"
"your classical ballet training really shows" (haha, i fooled them. i've never taken a day's worth of dance class in my life!)
"you have a remarkable stage presence. I hope that you will consider auditioning for parts in the Spring semester."
"great job aligning movement with sound"
"powerfully moving"

and my personal thoughts:
i was sore for one and a half days, which should speak to the intensity of the performance, as i am actually quite fit and exercise frequently.
i was pleasantly surprised by my ability to let go of all my fears and inhibitions for this one moment, disregarding the feeling of all those eyes on me to retreat into myself and the capabilities of my body and channel the energy beams to use the corporeal to express the depths bubbling beneath and within. the spontaneity of the immediate action and the flight and the fear and the power all at once surging in my stomach and mind were a high i have never experienced but crave and desire constantly.
i felt invincible and vulnerable all at once.

i do believe this performance was the closest i've ever gotten to flying.


  • At 2:55 PM, December 19, 2005, Blogger Ogbuefi Stephi said…

    ah yes i remember something else now from the discussion that ensued after my performance:

    my professor and my peers had said that when they watched me, they actually believe i could (and would) eventually fly, they said i was suspended in the air so briefly after each leap, that it seemed totally plausible.

    i thot that was just the most amazing thing i had ever heard.

    and i believe it. most totally.


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