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Sunday, December 11, 2005

finals week fun

it's that time of year again

spacing out in front of my computer while i try to churn up the energy and motivation to write inspired meaningless drivel for my classes

usually i am quite gifted in the area of spontaneous eloquence

but sadly the profundity of snow and the abundance of distractions in my room and otherwise are making the finals process a difficult one

my goal: finish studying and writing papers by wednesday so i can party and, as pathetic as this may seem, clean the room for the break

laundry is piling up like the cluttered thoughts in back of mynd

birthday party on thursday night

so excited

only... 15(!) days left to be a nominally reckless teenager

best make a go of it, yeah?

list of reckless things to do:
tip over a porta potty
try weed brownies
get totally smashed
skinny dipping
breaking all my work rules
go wilding

basically, it's going to be the most-uncharacteristic-of-me-party. should be fun!

happy finals week all!


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