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Thursday, December 29, 2005

the trouble with imMEDIAcy

was thinking about the immediacy of communication and the negotiation of the past in the modern day and its mediated confines.

as in, i think it's interesting that we retain a residual sense of what long distance communication should be like, and its intrinsic sense of retrospection and romanticism, and what this does to the resulting complication between the present, future and recent past, and our experience of a romanticized sense of past (notice how the past is becoming more recent, best sensed in the speed of adaptation of recently penned novels, read: harry potter(s), the da vinci code. where once books took decades to be made into films, now you can expect any best-selling book to be made into a blockbuster, before many get the chance to even read it first, they are watching it on the screen. more interesting, more books than ever are being made into films, which makes me wonder if there is something strangely amiss about our society, in that there's no sense of urgency in reading but rather to produce yet more cultural products to be consumed, and with greater and speedier ease. as in, books become movies. immediacy at work.)

i wonder this because my friend from school and i have been emailing back and forth a lot lately and it reminds me of prior email relationships i have had and the meaning of these and how they translate to "real life" and the relationships we engage in in the flesh, and how these have become separated, so that i am two selves, neither whole.

anyway, in reading these emails, it's interesting to see how our dialogue reflects a romanticized sense of communication, as if these back and forths are hand-written letters distilled into a machine to be wired thru a screen.

there's an implied distance in this kind of exchange, which makes me think that perhaps, these relationships where i have become so dependent on the machines in between, have removed myself from my body, have placed computer chips and microsoft between the organic and real, are artifice.


  • At 4:59 PM, December 29, 2005, Blogger The ZenFo Pro said…

    Hey, are ya feeling better, chica?

    Interesting post. I think part of the expectation of immediacy in communication/information comes from the fact that all of our technologies seem to change so often. Its part of what folks call information overload and it creates some powerful illusions, like the the romanticizing of e-communication.

    Hey, you've met me face-to-face; I'm nowhere near who I am in person as what some folks seem to think I am online.

    Hope you're having a good break (still in California.)

  • At 6:27 PM, December 29, 2005, Blogger Ogbuefi Stephi said…

    long time no hey, j.
    thanks for the comments.
    yea, it's interesting to consider the dichotomy between ability and disability in terms of what our technologies are enabling us to do, and where they will be taking us (into the future, presumably, but what if this future comes to resemble a recent past? hm?)

    and our reliance seems to only hint of greater dependency and handicap.
    won't it be interesting to see where it all ends up? we're advancing at such rapid paces, who knows when or where we will spiral to...


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