writing to know, knowing thru being, being for writing... this is me, writing about the one thing i know, which is myself... and even that is sometimes a mystery...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

life lines / reading palms

i awoke to find two X's on my palms
carved deep into the flesh and folds of skin

like a mistake in need of correction
or a marked spot for further attn
a map in the search for treasures
buried deep within the cells & atoms

i imagine the merging of my hands with the earth
the gradual flecking with soot & dirt
the mulching of my body with time
the becoming of the null & void

& i wonder if grasses and weeds will spring forth now
from the points where infinities once joined
erupting the pressured geysers of my eye
elephant tusk stabbing
into the seamless eternity

the curling of little vines
as extensions from my forfeited veins
& millions of ants and milling insects
will come outpouring from these lines
these delicate dissection lines

& overgrow & overtake
the well-tended gardens of my abandoned life.


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