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Thursday, March 16, 2006

chicago and the greater beyond

<--- i might work in one of these buildings over the summer! let's just wait and see which one...

well, i'm off to chicago tonight.

it's funny, this trip was so last minute, i don't even know what to pack. i'm standing in my room thinking to myself, hm, i don't even have a jacket. and it's supposed to be like 36 degrees there, and it being the windy city and all, i'm thinking i might not last long, especially since i don't really have anywhere to stay (apparently people under a certain age aren't allowed to get rooms in motels, but there's supposed to be a youth hostel somewhere, i've yet to determine where). note to the readership: i'm really bad at traveling. if we ever agree to go on a roadtrip, which i hope we do, really and truly, it would have to be totally spontaneous.

i hadn't planned on going to chicago over break. so it's funny that i'm going at all, since i basically just decided last night, and as i'm packing my bag, there's really not a whole lot i'm bringing with me. it's like a sleepover, or an overnight, well, i guess it really is an overnight, quite literally. just there for the evening, up early and to my two interviews with my prospective future employers (wttw and wbez), then back on the road again.

it's kinda thrilling in a way, and knowing that i will soon have plans finalized for the summer is great. it seems so surreal to me that chicago, this place i've only visited transiently, this city with such a rich history and reputation, this tourist-y destination, will soon become a home.

awe and splendor,


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