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Saturday, March 04, 2006

friday night searching for something i've yet to find

i'm so unsatisfied with my friday night/early saturday morning

though by all indications i shouldn't be

by most standards it was a pretty fun night

allow me to recount:

spent most of my early evening working on projects and other stuff (doing a content analysis of media from the past 20 years for depictions of race and stereotypes)

went to rec, took a refreshing shower and then met friends uptown for dinner. walked uptown while reading a book, something i've found myself doing a lot of lately: walking and reading at once. i'm quite good at it (so far, no collisions). it's great cause i don't have to deal with staring people down on the sidewalk any more.

spent most of my free cognitive energy craving and devising ways to obtain a coffee and a glass of some sort of crisp wine to drink with dinner. this was weird b/c i don't normally drink coffee nor wine, but had them both at dinner the night before (gotta love the university for asking me to one of their formal invitational dinners and then getting me absolutely boozed up, haha).

had dinner. took an hour and a half, good grief. i read. and schemed more (i really wanted that coffee and wine!)

had a cafe mocha with amaretto shots(!). not only did i get away with ordering an alcoholic drink, i also took the mug with me (i figure this place gets their mugs from garage sales and i left a big enough tip AND the coffee was way overpriced anyway, i might as well. plus, if i start to feel bad, i'll just return it)

went to dave brubeck concert. it was great, though the choral numbers kinda were a turn off. and they definitely took away from the jazz quartet (ol' dave plays a mean piano. and the sax player was amazing! i love jazz, it must be the npr dork coming out in me...)

then my friends chris, maraya and brenton and i went out to buy some drinks for a party we spontaneously decided to have at brenton's house (brenton throws the best house parties, i always have the best time at brenton's parties. i usually end up trying a whole lot of random drinks i never would have otherwise and end up dancing and laughing and hopping around all night until i'm dizzy with laughter and spirits.)

we settled on having vodka with smoked fish and pickles, as we heard the russians do, and we enjoyed it. then chris and brenton and i decided to taste test the vodka and i learned a lot about alcohol and determining quality vodka. and i decided that vodka, no matter the quality, still tastes and burns like rubbing alcohol. i'm sorry but it's true.

then we played guitar and ran around in the cold.

ok, so it was a good night, but it could have been better. i wish i knew how to make things better.


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