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Friday, March 10, 2006

friend spotlight

have i mentioned how lucky i am to have friends?

i know that sounds incredibly silly, but given my subpar physical health in the last few days, i've been less than half my chipper, happy self.
and it's made me sad, because it makes my friends sad (my friend dylan said that he was sad to see me "so opposite normal stephanie," as in, low energy and quiet)

but lately i've cheered up quite a bit.
sure, the drugs have something to do with it, but then there's also the realization that the people i've been lucky enough to make friends with here are so caring and fun and downright amazing, that i can't help but swell with joy and gratitude for their company.

if i listed all the wonderful people who have made such a difference in my life, those people who inspired this post, well, it could and would go on forever.

but i'll let one of these people speak for himself. brenton calaway sent me this hilarious email which really cheered me up this morning, and i thought i should share at least a part of it, because it's funny:

I'm sorry to hear about your bodies inundation with disease, I'll be
praying for you! I think that might be my new favorite thing to tell
people, "I'll be praying for you!" hehehe, Thats almost kind of a
veiled insult, it has that implicit suggestion that for some reason you
need "prayed for." I mean what can be worse than to need to be prayed
for. "The doctor says that all we can do now is pray." I means that's
not what you want to hear. But at the same time to pray for someone is
considered a nice gesture, it's kind of like giving someone a gift they
don't really want, "it was a nice thought and all but I really don't
need an ugly oven mitt."

yes, brenton, that's exactly how i feel as well.

you can read more from brenton at his blog, which can be found under my "friends" links in the sidebar to the right.

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