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Monday, March 27, 2006

prognosis: negative

received this in the mail today...

Are you half-way through your second year of college and have
no idea
why you are here?
Is it hard to get yourself out of bed in the morning,
because you have no motivation
for what you are doing?
Did you start out thinking you wanted to be a doctor, but now
realize you hate chemistry?

Does it seem like everyone else has direction, but you don't?

Are you suffering from the sophomore slump?

The sophomore slump is not a myth; second year students
across the
country struggle to find motivation in their academic
and personal

Signs that you are struggling with the sophomore slump include
feeling aimless when it comes to your course of study,
never being able to really state what it is that you

want to do,
unmotivated to go to class,
feeling like you
can't wait for your "real" life to start.



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