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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


a call to arms (sent to the western college community via listserv)

Friends, family, peers, and mentors:

I have just come from one of my junior sem's, and I have horrible,
enraging news. I don't know whether I possess the authority or facts to
make this statement in such a public space, but, well, frankly I don't
even care...

Western is in trouble. As in, it might not exist after this year. What I
and a few others have just learned is that the president and the provost
are making an appearance at an EC meeting on the 24th of March, and that
the purpose of their visit will be anything but friendly. They will most
likely be stopping by to lay a death blow to our program, and our
community as we know it.

I know there's been a lot of back-and-forth regarding the termination of
the program, and that all of that has mostly been hypothetical
considerations about the end, but sadly, the day was closer than any of us
could have possibly expected.

Dean Gracie has been rudely ignored by those in the know regarding our
program's future, and it's time we did something to make our voices heard.
As a member of SFS, I have learned the hard way, first-hand, how
incredibly aversive the administration can be in regards to taking up an
open dialogue with concerned members of any group regarding university
policy, but we need to change that.

The termination of Western would mean any one who is not currently ready
to graduate in May will need to find a new major next year and complete a
new program of study, which could mean a few extra years for some of us
(how sly and pernicious of the university's administration to do this in a
budget crisis when switching people's majors on them could inevitably mean
more years of tuition from their clients)

This is a pressing issue, and I cannot even begin to describe my outrage
at the administration for their disrespect for our interests as a
community. Those committees they established to look at the Strategic
Plan? Fake. Like the Fact Finder report or any other trustable outside
source the administration has been presented with, they simply discounted
it. Shrugged it off.

I'm writing to all of you now because we need to organize. And SOON! The
24th is the Friday after Spring Break, and we need to make a public
impact, a show of solidarity, we need to put up a valiant fight before
then to ensure the future of our program (let's not forget that this also
affects our cherished faculty!)

Robyn will send out an email regarding a meeting tomorrow (and possibly
Thurs) evening to discuss what's going on in further depth. Please make a
concerted effort to attend. We are in panic mode and need to do everything
in our power to make sure nothing happens to our beloved community.

Furthermore, I will be organizing community actions that will take place
that week after spring break. But I'll save details for the meeting later.

Hope to see you tomorrow and the next day!



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