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Sunday, March 12, 2006

ted leo and the pharmacists!

i got a fever!

and the only prescription, is more ted leo.

i can't believe i almost skipped out on last night's ted leo concert in newport, ky because of a little flu. psssh, silly me, i shoulda known that ted leo and his band of merry do-gooders have the kinda musicalability to make anyone feel better.

as ted launched into "me and mia," i found myself totally lost in a somatic energy surge and whigged out to the band's phenomenal guitar riffs, defying even my own understanding of my body as i sustained a three-hour bodily rejoicing, in a smokey, crowded, smoltering club that would have rendered me wheezing, fighting for breath only an hour before.

it was the kind of concert that, had i been into music when ted leo first came on the DC scene in the early 90's with his political punk band chisel, would have been nostalgic and youthful and energetic and punky enough to make me remember the good ol' days and say, "o, it was like being a kid again."

check out leo's website for some audio samples (esp. "me and mia," "ghosts," and "walking through") to get your fix.

and my gift to you (by way of ted leo's gifts) is an mp3 of his new song, la costa brava (hosted by

enjoy and rock on as always


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