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Thursday, April 27, 2006

finals week will mess you up!

i mapped out my life from now until december and it looks pretty shitty to me

as in, no free time/ rest time/ non-working time to speak of

no empty space in sight

like seriously, it's constant work until the end of school, maybe a week or two at home then off to chicago to embark on some crazy internships for the whole of summer, then back to school to begin a crazy junior year.

ack and a half batman!

in other news, as a result of a crazy research paper/ project/ presentation/ final exam combination of inhuman proportions, i have had inhuman and ungodly amounts of caffeine today.

and i am not used to the substance abuse.

bad time to start a habit i won't be able to kick.

we're talking 10 cups today. imbibed in a 10-hour period. that's a pretty steady flow of caffeine thru the bloodstream, i think i am pissing coffee at this point.

and my arm feels kinda funny.

like i couldn't grip my fork at dinner

and i kinda have trouble getting it to type now too

gotta shake it off though

i'm switching to chai now, is there caffeine in that?

o man, i am wigging out!

is that the phrase i'm thinking of? prize goes to the reader that can tell me the phrase i am trying to think of... i don't think wig out is it... [4.27.06 / 3:36pm - is it wired? i am so wired right now... ?]



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