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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

LITERATURE AS WAR MACHINE: subverting male literary tradition with innovative linguistic forms

oh. man. am. i.
e. x. h. a. u. s. t. e. d.

i've been writing papers all week/weekend/day/night...

i can't tell furniture from empty space any more. (ooo an opening!... mm no a door. read: face-plant)

but i did just write a pretty fantastic paper! yeah, check out the title up top there! wrote it about monique wittig, who i've decided i want to eat dinner with more than most people...

i just hope she would want to eat dinner w/ me after this paper i wrote...

so apologies, i'm sure no one out there really cares to read it, but i don't give a flying bat's wing, cuz i think it's pretty good myself, and that's saying something cuz i haven't liked anything i wrote in a loooooong time, and if i am going to put as much energy and time into something as i did wi this, then you betchurass i'm gonna post it, considering how little time i spend on the other drivel that goes up here...

now i'm all riled up and angry and ready to storm the castle walls!

happy insurrections!

excerpts from my paper:
removed (4.15.06) so as to prevent plagiarism of my hard work


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