writing to know, knowing thru being, being for writing... this is me, writing about the one thing i know, which is myself... and even that is sometimes a mystery...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

the magic hour

a wonderful moment of simple existence and pause
dusk = the magic hour, when sunlight shines orange pink on skin
when else are you made aware of the light's colors?

pleasurably existing, if only momentarily,

sitting by wide open window at sill i see the sun going down
the wisps of a breezy sunny independent day sweeping clouds and feathery smoke ash memories across my forehead face and hair brushes against my cheeks
the coming of the summer waves music to my mind and floats limbs streaming toward sky, delicate blue and mirrored
remembering ice cream sundays and promenades and sticky cotton sleeves clinging dry crusty sand n dirt between toes, the taste of sweat across my face and beading down my back the salty contact
sandpaper hands n grease grill fragrant evenings
in this suspended here and after, this lingering between night and day
a moment can bring such pleasure to existence
as i listen contentedly to cheering birds circle lilac tinted forests and lawnmowers droning humming stirring dirt n yellow pollen sky, creamy apricot horizon sun sinking suddenly into gentle goodbye

enough pause and restful wonder in a moment
to remind me to continue to live


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