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Saturday, April 29, 2006

subsumed into the subculture

i finished my sophomore research project last night!

i wish i were more excited about being done with it... well perhaps i haven't fully finished until i ruminate on human nature and devise my own philosophy...

work is never done

but hey you can enjoy the partial product of my labor, if not out of interest for the project that consumed a quarter of my academic life this past semester, then because, as my teammate tom said:
it's worth the watch, even if
just to hear Stephanie curse like a sailor.
so, i present: a movie/documentary about the LAN gaming subculture, and its negotiation of reality,

[a sophomore research project submitted for review by Tom, Denise & me,
in partial fulfillment of WCP 262 (the Human Nature Seminar) requirements]

yo ho yo ho, the pirate's/sailor's life for me,


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