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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

what is human nature?

argh, i don't give a fuck.

this is the topic for my wcp 261 final, and let me tell you: it's been a bitch (tit) and a half to write.

here's a little piece from my intro that i hammered out this morning. i had to take it out because it began devolving into what could have been a totally sweet, and really sarcastic and flippant, but unfocused and irrelevant, paper.

so enjoy, the out-takes, if you will, of my human nature final:

what is human nature?
[this question] is quite the pit of quicksand, as far
as lines of inquiry go. Every time I attempt to formulate
a response to the question, I find myself sinking deeper,
becoming enveloped in the process. It is a deceptively
simple question that provides a phenomenal workout for
the mind, as one is darting back and forth between ideas,
picking some up, discarding others, but always on the move
and never pausing, never stopping to take a break or to
breathe. It is life, and the purpose of it, and its
definition, that continually evade me. It is suffocating,
life-sucking, and it grips me by the neck and throttles me
while continually keeping me running.

too bad... it really would have been a fine piece of writing...



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