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Sunday, June 04, 2006

arsenal: surrealist subversion (+scathing updike review)

like i said before, the printers row book fair was this weekend, and it was the hippest (albeit the yuppiest, most bourgeois thing) to do in chicago this weekend.

and i was lucky and happy enough to meet some cool cats from the charles h. kerr subversive literature publishing house. much to my delight, they had situationist/surrealist literature, in addition to subversive postcards and buttons to gift me. the cards and stickers i have in my possession now are some of the most fist-pump awesome works of art and beauty and brilliance and i have ever had the pleasure of holding in my hands and to ever convey power from paper fibers (or such is my sentiment at the present). and the inverted picture book and book of 19th and 20th century french poetry they gave to me upon learning i could read french were a tasty find as well.

i exchanged some information and currency (canadian and american, thank you) with them for this powerbook / handbook of a compilation, arsenal: surrealist subversion, about the realization of surrealism in the service of revolution, poetry, the marvelous dream, freedom, desire, wilderness, and love... (who can say no to that?)

it's a beautiful arrangement of handprinted illustrations and essays and manifestos and surrealist dreams and subversive actions set to paper and ink and breath...

as soon as i obtain a scanner, i will share the artwork with you, this is too good to keep to myself!

until then, read up on my thoughts on literature, consumption, john updike, and classism, in a post i just penned on lessons i learned this weekend from the streets of chicago (and how much i realize i dislike john updike and his writing... sorry to the fans).

love (and all those other delicious things)


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