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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a gift of poetry

this came just in time...

have i ever mentioned how much i love and enjoy receiving poems from friends as gifts, as offered piece of self? it means so much more to me than anything i can ever receive. this was one thing i learned in my past relationships, the one thing i do not regret...

so, if you ever want to cheer me up, show me you love me, or become my friend, well, a poem is a good way to start.

and here is one from my friend brian at hummingbunny. he's a great individual, and he's been incredibly kind to me as of late, and cheered me up when i needed it most (i have this folder in my email account titled "happy things," and this email from brian definitely made it in there... it's funny because it's a folder usually reserved for very close friends and family, but that just goes to show you how much a specially written poem can mean...)

so enjoy brian's sestina poem, crafted from seven words (the last of which was dropped, for brian's sake) which mean so much to me (and definitely check him out!)

love and poetry,


"Hear My Voice"

growing up family
parents are surreal
controlling my freedom
no true happiness
not autonomous
creative so pleasurable.

mind's eye is pleasurable
say yes to family
will I be autonomous
some days are surreal
finding happiness
outside there is freedom.

tear down walls to freedom
crumbled bricks touch is pleasurable
stomping dust brings happiness
packing and leaving my family
my life ahead looks surreal
learning how to be autonomous.

to speak my mind is to be autonomous
that is the path to true freedom
on my own feels great but surreal
yet oh so wanton and pleasurable
finding new friends to replace family
sing dance perform joy is happiness.

birthing the process creates happiness
inner voice scolds must be autonomous
choose members to bring into family
many paths to tread openly to freedom
an entire body of work so pleasurable
floating never knew could be so surreal.

love rushes strobe waves flash surreal
caresses touch skin brings happiness
cresting flying sweating so pleasurable
to be me myself I am autonomous
open doors walk through to freedom
finally understand my role in family.

life is so surreal being autonomous
I find happiness in searching for freedom
it is pleasurable now thinking of family.


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