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Saturday, June 03, 2006

this is what happens when i have free time


i made special care not to say that "this is what happens when i'm bored," because i was most certainly not bored today, okay? i had a very nice day, spent most of it spending too much money on many many good good books at the annual printers row book fair just a block away from my current house, then spent the rest of the afternoon with a good book in the park, grant park, meeting friendly strangers (one person i met lives and works in colorado, where she helps train the US Olympic badminton team! how cool is that?) and loving the city, sunning and soaking up fountain spray and gospel music.

anyway, i heard about this fantastically weird website called myheritage, which allows you to submit photos of yourself, which it then scans, and analyzes "meta-data," returning a list of 10 or so various celebrity faces (of both sexes, thank you kindly) which you could possibly be related to, based on your facial structure. so basically, it's a list of celebrities you look the most like.

haha, so i tried it. with different photos. here are the results (in descreasing order of possible relatedness):

first picture. (v-neck and beads around neck)
1. farrah fawcett (71%)
2. selma blair (61%)
3. jon bon jovi (52%)
4. whitney houston (51%)
7. yoon-jin kim (47%) --i'm actually surprised this thing doesn't automatically list similar ethnic minorities as the most direct matches
10. james coburn (45%) --oookaaaay...

second. (brown shirt)
1. hrithik roshan (60%)
2. monica lewinsky (60%) --ew. i'm just glad she wasn't the first result.
3. francesco totti (57) --haha... wha?
4. charles manson (56) --o good.
5. renee zellweger (52) --okaay... getting better
6. michael phelps (52) --mmm... not so much
8. jodie foster (48)
9. zhang ziyi (47)
--needless to say, i'm not using that picture for anything soon

third. (purple shirt, standing with my friend katie)
1. sammi cheng (72)
2. lucy liu (71)
3. tata young (70)
4. mike myers (68)
5. yoong-jin kim (63)
6. zhange ziyi (63)
8. steve buscemi (62)
9. tom welling (61)
10. milla jovovich (61)
--so apparently, this is my most asian looking picture so far
--and katie looks like jennifer love hewitt, rachael leigh cook, rachel mcadams, selma blair and vin diesel, among others. good to know!

fourth (torso shot)
...apparently, the face-recognition technology is advanced enough to recognize there was "no detectable face in this picture.

very well.
carry on...


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