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Saturday, August 12, 2006

beachy keen

hello friends and lovers... of my blog. :-)

er, anyway, i just got back from one of the most amazing summers of my life. chicago was amazing, and the concert festivities definitely worth mentioning (but since it seems like so long ago, and there's so much to say, and i'm a little tired from the whirlwind of activity that has been my twelve weeks of nonstop summer, i will refrain from writing and merely post pictures in the near future).

vacation was also splendid. with the time i spent kayaking, surfing, and hanging out at the beach and poolside, along with the time i spent toasting it up in grant park for the concerts, i'm looking a little tanner than usual. and a little tanner than i would prefer. in fact, my brother said i was a little "oompa-loompa"-esque. yikes.

ah well. one thing about the beach: you can't really complain. it's the beach.

pictures to come. and less writing than i would like, as school is nigh and i've yet to unpack to pack again.

endless shorelines,


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