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Sunday, August 06, 2006


i gotta make this really quick cus i gotta go to bed to get ready for a full day of rockin out tomorrow before i move away from my summer residence, the city version of the love of my life, my summer escape, my chicago...

i went to lolla today and yesterday and am going again tomorrow. i've met some great people, made some new friends, and found some new fiery passions for many a new band, and rekindled my love affairs with several more.

in short, it's been a hell of a fest!

of particularly mandatory mention: the flaming lips. OH MY... how wonderful that experience was. fuckin awesome...

also saw sonic youth, which was just about as amazing as you could possibly imagine. oh, and the go!team. videos forthcoming at my youtube channel.

and pictures here!

what would you do with all your power?
(stop war, end hunger, and give the whole world a hug and a kiss, that is what i would do...)


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