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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

making the transition

you know how i said a while ago that i was soon to be switching my online home to the site with an easier name?

well, that isn't going to be happening in quite the way i imagined.

i've found it hard to abandon this blog completely. it would be like turning twenty and saying that being ten didn't mean anything to the person i am now. (which is silly. first, because it's impossible, to be twenty you have to have been ten. and second, because ten was my favorite age and so to deny being ten would truly be wrong.)

i was going to change this address to but have since created another blog, which many of you, i see, have discovered, a blog called free radical writings, which resides at the precise address of my name. i've found though, that the blog possessing of my name i have been more careful about writing for, and i've only posted stuff of a certain type so far. and i wish to keep it that way. i want it to be a more "serious" blog, in the sense that i want it to be more "professional." that is, it will only pertain to my work, video, artistic, poetic, activist, or otherwise. i didn't want it to contain any of my silly personal ramblings or moanings about love or loss or depression or existential crises or whatever.

which is not to say i don't recognize the importance of these to my work. quite the contrary, i think these things are sometimes more telling than any of the nominal work i do. (that's why i've retained and will maintain a co-linking between the serious blog and this one, because they are mirrors of each other, and what do you get when you put two mirrors together? an infinity tunnel of mirrors, a wormhole of selves and tunneled glass! ha ha!)

i just think i should have a place on the net to post my "work" and to have that stuff connected to my name, even if only in link alone (have you noticed how my name is not connected to anything posted here? even on the new site, my name is absent from title and profile name). there should be a place for my name on the internet, where people in future times and in places not even discovered yet to google my name and upon much scrolling and fishing for them to find my work, simple and small as it is. and there should be a place for my ceaseless ramblings and reflections and blah blah's where i don't have to worry about posting them. and that is here. and will continue to be here, as childhood to adulthood. as my ten to my twenty.

so for my creative work, my professional work or what-have-you, go to free radical writings, aka the home space for my name on the net,

for my more prolific and easy posts on my personal life, on the inspirations to my work, for my personal happenings, come here! and read all about the struggles tribulations loves and passions of yours truly.

in the meantime, do enjoy this little post i wrote. it is something i think i would have posted here before, but i thought it related to my activism, and it is certainly a passion, so i posted it at the other place. i figure i need more stuff to get it rolling. it has been kinda stagnant.



  • At 12:04 PM, August 17, 2006, Blogger brian said…

    Gee, one more blog and you will have caught me up! Can't have that.;) I will keep reading both blogs when I can, sigh, too many friends, not enough time.


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