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Thursday, August 03, 2006

running out of time

my summer in chicago is rapidly coming to a close and i am so sad! i was nervous about coming out here and trying to make it on my own, but i think i've surprised myself and many others with the way in which i have managed to pull thru, and i've learned a lot about myself and my capabilities along the way, as well as making several new friends and falling in love with the city and its cultures.

anyway lollapalooza is this weekend and i am thrilled to see bands such as sonic youth, ween, stars, the go!team, my morning jacket, blackalicious, what made milwaukee famous, the shins, of montreal, and of course, meeting up with my old flame, andrew bird.

also meeting up with a western alum who seems to be quite cool (his music taste is impeccable!) and reminds me of a grizzly bear cub.

in other news, the mirror is up and running now. my new blog, free radical writings (aka, which i conceived to be my artistic residence on the web, will host videos, animations, cartoons, artwork, poetry, and ideas for future novels and films. i want to see if i can create a "serious" personal blog, something more than just an online diary.

so check it out and check yourself in,


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