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Sunday, September 17, 2006

little miss sunshine review

i saw little miss sunshine this past weekend, and let me tell you: i am disappointed.

not only because it took me so long to see it (even though i knew about it way before it made it big and became a huge hit, i was looking forward to it in post-production stages) but because it was WAAAAAY over-hyped by all my friends and anyone else who had seen it.

my opinion is, that if you are going to skimp on content, you had better make it up in style. and sadly, there was no making amends for this film.

the plot was lacking, but that wasn't what bothered me. i'm used to movies with little to no story-lines. but if you're going to rely on something besides plot to carry the film, it had better be character development or a mind-blowing style. but meh... little miss sunshine was just indie enough to get by on some minimal style points that ppl probably didn't think too hard about the flaws and were more enchanted by its superficial quirkiness.

i wanted MORE from the characters. there was so much potential for character study in the film, but that was abandoned in favor of silly gags (dead grandpa in trunk, no speaking, pushing of van, and the worst, the van horn...) why did the brother want so badly to fly jets for the air force when he seems otherwise inclined to be anti-government and free-thinking? why does olive want to be little miss sunshine so much? what is toni collette's character's job, what motivates her?

steve carrell's character had the most potential, and i must say, his performance was the most captivating of them all, but i wanted MORE! he could have done so much more with the character, it's just a shame he had so little to work with.

all in all, i was not impressed. it definitely was not as funny as it was made out to be, and it most definitely was NOT a satire (what social ill does it critique?) and what was up with all the "white trash" in california?! you won't find that many white trash in rural kentucky, much less CA.

i do have this to say though: the music was good.



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