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Sunday, October 08, 2006

wish list

so my 21(!)st birthday is coming up in december. and i've been trying to think of what i really want.

i really do hate birthdays, especially my own. i hate the idea of buying presents to celebrate another year older. it seems so silly, like, 'hey, congrats on making it one more year. we didn't think you'd get this far. hey!'

and i mean, i suppose life is something to celebrate, but i always feel more like birthdays are celebrations of non-deaths. but i guess that makes sense: you need the reminder of one to remember the other.

anyway, i hate asking for stuff. i hate owning stuff. i hate that i have to have certain things to make me happy. such is the horrible situation that living in a capitalist society creates. again, that dualism that makes the world work. life=non-death. remembering that i'm living in a capitalist society always makes me want to kill myself...

so anyway, i've been thinking of things to ask for because this is my very last milestone birthday. and last year, i asked my friends and family NOT to give me gifts. i hate buying gifts for silly occasions, so it seemed like a magnanimous thing to do, asking others not to repeat the dreadful cycle for my sake.

but this year, unfortunately, there are things, material things, i want for my birthday.

for one, a FLASK, for toting potent potables. this is especially necessary at miami. sometimes i don't know how i get thru the day...

for another, ADOBE PREMIERE. i want to do some sweet film editing stuff, but apparently i need this first. and since adobe is not freeware (and thus not nearly as cool) i have to buy it. but since i am currently working for sub-minimum wage, i can't afford it. so, unquellable sadness. :-(

so many books and movies. i don't have a social life any more so i need the literature and cultural texts to keep me alive.

an EXTERNAL HARDDIVE. for keeping music and film work on, so i can continue working on film shorts without crashing my computer.

a HAT.

THIS SHIRT. i effing love swedish bands. and the knife are one of my absolute faves.

the perfect SWEATER VEST. i still haven't found it yet.

and of course, WORLD PEACE,
a date with JENS LEKMAN,
a STOP to global warming,
NO MORE hunger,
a LIVING WAGE and RESPECT for all workers,
a CURE for every disease and cancer,
an END to capitalism,
and etc. and etc. ad infinitum...

so, if any of you are feeling particularly generous this holiday season, you know what to do.

alternatively, if you are in the oxford, ohio/lexington, ky/wales, uk area the day after christmas, come find me. i'll be the one moping around the bar. buy me a drink won't you? and wish me a happy 21st birfday.

life and a pocketful of greasy (poker) chips.


  • At 10:45 PM, October 09, 2006, Anonymous remaerdyaD said…

    I wonder about that premiere software industry types go on about. What is it about it that makes you turn to it instead of the free alternatives for collecting video frames and doing routine editing like rate, keyframing, or splicing(or 'appending' segments, as in avery lee's virtualdub)? Is it an apple thing? Are their filters and transitional effects too seductive to resist?


  • At 11:08 PM, October 09, 2006, Blogger Ogbuefi Stephi said…

    in a word, YES.

    but also, i was not aware of the free alternatives. lead the way...


  • At 12:55 AM, October 10, 2006, Anonymous remaerdyaD said…

    geez, that is an uphill one for me, but here goes...

    well virtualdub is pretty much it for free video editing - it is a big hit a (someone hinted to me another - but it sounds like shareware), pretty much the authority on free-er software. the associate website has great support - he helped me a lot with some of the contentious issues governing the use of video-mp3 in windows for your audio track (what mp3 was originally designed for).

    but it is kind of sink or swim i suspect. i mean, i simply could not imagine getting into adobe premiere or photoshop for my stills (i use the gimp exclusively - they have their own irc-chat server for assistance) and the premiere types could never get into the free-er stuff.

    i have a lot to learn - but i guess the real difference is i first learn how computers make video and then try to do what makes sense. the free sites like sourceforge will have alternatives that you can search out (looking for what ranks highly) - but they might point me in the right direction. the 'premiere' type approach here is sort of like "if the software does not do it, it ain't worth doing".

    mp4gui, a very simple program for example, has been good for some people getting into video and podcasting. xVid (divx backwards (-; ) and ogg-theora have proven track record for folks who need to compress video into something compact without getting caught in the patent trap (like with mpeg4 video or your youtube flv's). it is all a matter of what you want and finding what the helpful developers can provide (which requires patience).

    wish i could provide a good formula for you to carrot-stick you away from adobe... but i will just part with a point developers in china made when they thought free-er type video compression was a ***GOOD*** idea: it takes three mathematicians just to make a digital compressor.

    bottom line - when it works, the artist is just pressing record then stop. that is all. no effects or special filters, just raw to whatever is inbetween record and stop. i think of it as a challenge.

    now if only i could figure out what would be really fun to do in front of the camera this time...


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